Best neighborhoods to live in Madrid!

Best neighborhoods to live in Madrid!

Have you wondered where to live in Madrid as a student?

The Spanish capital is the city of choice for a lot of International students due to its amazing scenery, vibrant nightlife, wonderful atmosphere, pleasant weather conditions and the variety it offers in terms of food and culture.

The city is renowned for the wide range of salubrious delicacies it offers. A few days in the Spanish capital and you’ll surely get hooked on notable dishes like the Spanish omelette (tortilla), cocido, cured ham, suckling pig and gazpacho.

Madrid is also known as the European capital of nightlife as the city never sleeps. The streets are always filled regardless of the time, and this provides the kind of safety that a lot of cities cannot offer. Renowned for its seven different floors all showcasing a different style, the Teatro Kapital nightclub is no doubt one of the world’s finest. The Joy-Eslava theatre also provides world-class entertainment and is open every day of the year.

Finding a way to navigate the real estate market in Madrid can prove to be complex for an undergraduate in search of student housing. However, picking the right neighborhood to live in is just as important because you need to be in the right area to get the full experience that the city provides.

If you are a student in Madrid looking to settle in an area that is fun and exciting without going over budget, this article has got you covered. Here are the best neighborhoods for students in Madrid.


Situated north of Gran Via, Malasana is right in the center of Madrid. It offers an array of tattoo shops, extraordinary little bistros, cafes and restaurants, second-hand bookstores, nightclubs and some vintage bars that have stood the test of time. A lot of students are drawn to this area because of the buzzing nightlife and the affordable student residences.

Malasana offers an amazing blend of the hip new age lifestyle and the rich traditional culture. This neighborhood is known for showcasing its liberalism in lifestyle and politics, it is the hippie heartbeat of Madrid.


North of Malasana, Chamberi is a neighborhood that offers a very peaceful ambiance in contrast to the areas in the middle of Madrid. It is well connected to the city center and relatively close to the University City.

Here, you can find rooms in shared flats, the idea is that students looking for an apartment can pool money together and rent a flat as a group. If you prefer a calmer environment where you don’t miss out on the nightlife, Chamberi is your best bet.


This neighborhood is one of the most exuberant areas in all of Madrid. Situated in the middle of Madrid, this tourist location is filled with beguiling squares, bistros, bars and amazing stores. Sol is home to a lot of Madrid’s major tourist attractions such as the Plaza Mayor, Royal Place, and the Almudena Cathedral.

Its geographic location attracts a lot of students as it is just a 20-minute ride away from the Polytechnic University of Madrid, the Complutense University of Madrid, and the Faculty of Education of the UNED. Finding a place to live is usually not a big problem, as there is a great deal of University accommodation in Sol.


Laviapiés is a neighborhood with a distinct identity. It boasts a large range of theatres and bookstores, and the dozens of immigrants here proudly showcase their different lifestyle and culture. The scenery is beautifully decorated with impressive graffiti and steep cobbled stones.

You can find good deals if you’re searching for student housing in Lavapies. The very friendly residents in Lavapies also offer homestays, and while Lavapies is not very close to the Universities, the bohemian personality of the neighborhood makes it one of the sought after areas to live in.


This is Madrid’s main University location; it is home to the University City that houses the campuses of some of Madrid’s top Universities. Moncloa-Arguelles also boasts a range of tourist attractions such as Madrid’s Egyptian temple, the huge Casa de Campo park and the Templo de Debod.

Accommodation is not difficult to find if you begin your search early. There are usually entire flats up for rent before a lot of new students storm in later in the year in search of a place to stay. If you need to be close to school and the University environment, this is the safest option.


This is one of the posh districts of Madrid. Located in northeast of the center of the Spanish capital, it is home to a few of the best private universities in Spain. Boasting an Incredible architecture and scenery, Salamanca is home to a lot of Madrid’s important business people.

Finding accommodation here guarantees you a short commute to classes and very beautiful surroundings. If you have the budget for top of the line designer stores, high-end restaurants and nightclubs, look no further than Salamanca.


Finding the right places to study, or work remotely is also a factor of uncertainty when coming to Madrid. Luckily all these neighborhoods offer great adapted spaces where you can have your own spot, wether by hours, weeks or months, connect with other users and even attend events! All by using one single membership card that costs less than being a member of just one place! If you would like to check out these coworking spaces for free click here.